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At the beginning, that on 23rd April The Stir Fry Pop Star signed a one album contract with Scentair records and are looking to release the album in August/September.

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The Stir Fry Pop Star's Groovebox Messiah Sessions was written on a defunct Roland MC303 keyboard, then later recorded and mixed in a converted garage / studio in south London.

Each song reflects a personal and intimate aesthetic of emotions:

Lyrically exploring the pains and delights of relationships, existential angst, fleeting youth and a simmering dissatisfaction of modernity.

Musically each song packs a cool left-field punch of pure pop sensibility.

Influences ranging over Ryan Wilson's musical heritage, taking in eighties electro, early nineties dark industrial EBM to spaced-out rave and trance like psychedelia.

The collage of influences and traditional aspects of each song, becomes much more the some of the Messiah Sessions musical parts. Within each track there is a refreshing capacity for change.

Disparate influences fuse together into confident melodies, showing a versatilely that is often steered away from in today’s current dance, synthpop climate.

Release date for The Groovebox Messiah Sessions Vol 1 five track EP digital / CD release date coming soon - April / May time.

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